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As we flesh out our (virtual) city of Aurora, more conceptual buildings/features come to life, while we wait for the first exposition at our Art Gallery, why not find something good to read-on while slurping on that apple juice (insert your favorite chilling drink) in the nearby plaza or parks.

To keep things clear in the following listings, we use toggled content: hit the triangle arrow on their left side to show/hide those contents and links.

Come back regularly, as we get more author-isations to fill our bookshelves with CoE: Community's creativity.

Baby steps

Indeed, October 7, 2018 was the inauguration of the S:A: Kiosque, featuring two heavy-weights in CoE-centric publications, one for each of our fledgling categories.

Please give a warm welcome and more than a sneak peek to Huntmaster's Crafting Complexity Journals (CCJ), a collection of well-written skillbooks that will expand your horizons and Kitlandria's Bordweall Chronicles, newspaper extraordinaire from the obviously related Kingdom (on NA-East).

October 9, 2018, we followed on with Hajime Saito's Simple Elyria Medica, as the name implies a thorough guide about anything apothecary, herbalist and medical staff needs to know in a skill+knowledge game like Chronicles of Elyria.

In the meantime and the future, we'll keep adding links to more creative works, so you can expect the exceptional!

[Song: "Forever More (An Elyrian Lullaby)" by Nimueh Neith](,7rv3XAkTH-o&rel=0&showinfo=1&autoplay=1)

Song: "Forever More (An Elyrian Lullaby)" by Nimueh Neith



Knowledge books

Huntsmaster's Crafting Journals

Hajime Saito's Simplified Elyria Medica


Bordweall Chronicles