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Contents: Thanks, Soulbond Studios, Publications (Casual, Official), Afterword ...see also Chronicles of Elyria?

Some spotlight on those who currently develops the game ought to redefine the MMORPG genre: Chronicles of Elyria (CoE).

Soulbound Studios


The team has grown since early inception, went through a lot and still manage to stay close to their ideals and their community on a daily basis. They shared a bit about them in past interviews, blogs and community spotlights, here you can find that and no more, except the articles (CoE: Newslinger) they wrote via their official channels and the CoE: Devdrops they've provided to the ever-inquiring souls of the CoE: Community.

Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for the Soulbound Studios staff, past and present.

Soulbond Studios

Skyfall:Archives: Soulbond Studios & associates [CoE]

Skyfall:Archives: Soulbond Studios & associates [CoE]



First page is about informal quotes made by the team in reply to the community until it find its way into an official posting (forums, website, game guide). Second one is a comprehensive recap of published news articles, shinies, blog and sticky posts, plus the occasional addition of community highlights.

CoE: Devdrops

CoE: Newslinger

Official news

You might otherwise want to follow their regular adventures in production journals/updates directly from the sources, as they are published on the official newsfeed among other places.

News - Community - Chronicles of Elyria



Far from being complete or exhaustive, my apologies for the potential mistakes and missing parts/persons.

On a lighter note, you may wonder what {Quests} are referring to... in intern, from their own admission, gamers and geeks at-heart the devs decided to nicknamed their numerous sprint workgroups with convoluted names/appelations from their own invention, like for instance: the League of Extraordinary Locomotion (LEL as I shortened above) which was in charge of movement and animation, or the Quest for Character Creation/Customization (CHA on my tab).