Building and publishing a simple website in Notion

Publish your Notion pages to the web in order to share blogs, documents, and more with your audience.

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How Notion helps you build and publish websites easily

Focus on your website’s content, not its interface. With Notion you can skip the coding and create a clean, organized site. All you have to do is publish your team’s pre-existing pages — no need to worry about SSL certificates, plugins, or mobile optimization.

Screenshot of a blog post template on Notion.

Here’s how Notion makes web publishing easy:

  • Ease of use — our user-friendly interface eliminates the learning curve

  • Customizable pages — whether you’re building a portfolio website or a knowledge base, you can create pages that match your vision

  • Integrate your workflow — you can easily connect your website to the rest of your workspace

Screenshot of a company knowledge base in Notion.

How to build a website in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Start a page from scratch or from a website template.

  3. Create sections of text, images, and tables. Drag and drop to rearrange them.

  4. Click “Share,” then “Publish” to publish.

  5. Customize your header and chose a custom domain.

  6. Update your SEO data and connect Google Analytics.

  7. Invite your teammates and set editing permissions.

Build a website without the hassle

Combine your web content and your site-building tools in one connected workspace.


How can I create a full website for free?

Use Notion to build full websites for free. Most website-building software is complex, but with Notion, all you have to do is create an account, design a page that suits your needs, and hit 'Publish.' It's really that easy.

What are three types of websites?

Three common types of websites include:

  • Personal blogs

  • Knowledge hubs

  • Portfolios

But there are hundreds more types of websites out there, including ecommerce, event, news sites, and many more.

What websites are in highest demand?

Websites that are in high demand include:

  • Social media platforms

  • Online learning platforms

  • Job portals, especially those targeting freelancers 

  • Online streaming services

  • Food delivery services