What a knowledge base can do for your team’s efficiency

Learn how to build a knowledge base to centralize information — no juggling documents or searching across platforms.

Streamline knowledge-sharing and keep company information available at a glance.

How creating knowledge bases in Notion improves communication and collaboration

At most companies, information lives in too many places, making it hard to know where to find what. A knowledge base system connects your team to the knowledge it needs with a single source of truth.

Maintaining this comprehensive system will reduce repetitive questions and speed up your day-to-day work.

Create knowledge bases like wikis and docs to pool information in one centralized, standardized place.

Notion knowledge bases let you: 

  • Create a wiki of all your company's knowledge

  • Organize pages so they're easily shared, found, and used

  • Allow teams to customize their specific knowledge

  • Break down information silos with accessible and organized documentation

An employee directory helps your team — wherever they are — stay connected.

How can I create a knowledge base with Notion?

  1. Create a Notion account and invite your team

  2. Create a new page in your team or company workspace to act as your knowledge base homepage.

  3. Add sub-pages for different types of information or resources. 

  4. Use headings, tags, and properties to make your pages easier to navigate.

Organize team knowledge to improve workflows, project hand-offs, and more

A knowledge base holds the information your team needs to perform their best, from product specs to team directories


What are the types of knowledge bases?

There are two main types of knowledge bases: internal and external. Internal knowledge bases — like team wikis and knowledge vaults — are used only within a company. External knowledge bases are customer-facing and can include self-service docs, tutorials, and FAQs to improve the customer experience and reduce the volume of customer support tickets.

What should a knowledge base contain?

A knowledge base should contain relevant and up-to-date information for your team or customers, like company policies, procedures, and product information. Knowledge base software usually offer customizable templates to let you start with the basic categories and build to meet your team’s needs.

How does a knowledge base improve productivity?

Good knowledge management practices streamline communication and information sharing. Instead of asking another team member about a certain piece of documentation, you can quickly find the information you need yourself, saving everyone time and energy.