See every sight and never miss a flight with a strategic travel planner

A trip is only as good as you plan it to be. Use travel planning templates and return with stories, not stress.

travel planner template

Use Notion to craft your ideal trip while embracing flexibility

Planning your next adventure should be as enjoyable as the journey itself. Notion's travel planner templates are fully customizable and adjustable, so you can outline every unique trip detail while making changes as you embrace spontaneity.

travel planner organizer using Notion

Gone are the days of scattered notes and endless browser tabs. Use Notion’s travel itinerary templates to:

  • Create to-do lists

  • Set reminders for flights or reservations

  • List useful hotel and sight-seeing options

  • Centralize all your travel planning documents in one place

Notion travel planner template

How to use Notion for travel planning

1. Create a Notion account. 

2. From the template gallery, download the template that best suits your needs and open it up on a new page

3. Customize and fill out the template. 

4. Share this page with relevant friends, family, and coworkers.

travel planner template

Take your Notion travel workspace along for the adventure

Experience the joy of discovery without the stress of disorganization by planning and tracking your trip in Notion.


What’s included in a travel plan?

Travel plans usually include the following: 

  • Flight schedules

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation

  • Activities

  • Dining options

  • Budget

  • Miscellaneous personal details

You can easily customize Notion's travel planning templates to create a document that’s perfectly tailored to your dream trip.

How do I write a travel plan?

Writing a travel plan is easy with Notion’s travel planner template. Start by gathering all the necessary trip information, like flight details, where you’ll sleep, and what you want to see. Then add this information to the template and customize it with checklists, reminders, and attachments. This ensures that you have everything you need for a safe and fulfilling trip.

Can I collaborate with others using Notion’s travel planner template?

Absolutely! Notion’s travel planner template is perfect for planning group trips. You can easily share your travel plan with friends, family, or colleagues, allowing everyone to contribute ideas, make changes, and stay up to date on travel developments.