See the future with project timelines in Notion

Use our project timelines to facilitate teamwork and encourage everyone to keep moving toward shared goals.

Make timelines that adapt and grow as your project evolves.

Keep your team informed and on track with the perfect product roadmap tool

To-do lists constantly evolve, making project timeline planning challenging. A good project timeline is what you need to adjust in real time.

Our connected workspace and fully-customizable project timeline templates let you manage projects with ease and efficiency — even in ever-changing environments.

Visualize your projects with flexible, collaborative timelines.

Notion gives your team better:

  • Flexibility — create dependencies for each task and subtask, and dependent items will automatically update.

  • Organization — eliminate the need for more than one project management tool by centralizing projects.

  • Collaboration — connect team members and stakeholders to improve communication and workflows.

How do you create a project timeline in Notion?

  1. Create a Notion account and invite your team.

  2. Create a new page and select Timeline from the list, then New database on the right side. Or, in an existing page, type /timeline inline.

  3. Add your task names under Name in the database, then add custom properties.

  4. Create a timeline view for your database and select the properties you want on display.

Use Notion’s timeline view to gain perspective on your project

See what needs to be done, when, and who’s responsible in one dashboard.


How do I make a project timeline?

No matter what software you’re working with, you can create a timeline with these easy steps:

  • Identify the project’s start and end date

  • Identify every task needed to reach this deadline, and their completion dates

  • Note any dependent tasks (when one task must be finished before another can begin)

  • Designate the team members responsible for each item

  • Track progress on each task as the project develops

Is a Gantt chart a project timeline?

Yes, a Gantt chart is a visual representation of task duration, from start to end date.

Is a project plan the same as a timeline?

Not quite. A project plan outlines the goals, tasks, and resources needed to complete a project. A timeline visualizes the order of events and progress over time.