Build a project tracker in Notion so you never miss a deadline

Organize projects according to your team’s needs with customizable databases that house all your information.

A screenshot of a project tracker on Notion

Use project trackers to visualize your team’s progress at every stage

Various project trackers, from Gantt charts to charters, let you visualize each step of your timeline to monitor progress. With Notion  you can build a tracker that matches the needs of your project, with flexible deadlines, different views of the same data, and the option to sort or filter by custom properties.

Marketing project tracker screenshot on Notion

Building project trackers in Notion also means your team can:

  • Access simple building blocks and templates to customize your tracker 

  • Track the metrics that matter most to your team

  • Collaborate across teams thanks to shared workspaces  

  • Integrate your connected workspace with other popular tools and databases

Projects tracker screenshot on Notion

How to create a project tracker in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Make a database for the project by typing /Page into your workspace home, choosing Table, and clicking + New database on the right side. 

  3. Add information like milestones, priorities, and deadlines with custom properties. You can also use different views, like TImeline or Board, to visualize progress.

  4. Share with your teammates to start working together.

based task database on Notion

Tailor your project tracker to your needs with Notion

Regardless of your project’s complexity, you can leverage Notion’s flexibility to build a tracker fit for your team.


What’s a project tracker?

A project tracker is a tool that helps teams monitor the progress of project milestones and tasks.

What should a project tracker include?

A project tracker should include a list of milestones and key tasks. It could also include Gantt charts or Kanban boards for viewing and assigning tasks based on different criteria.

What’s the best way to track multiple projects?

Using specialized and dedicated project management software is the best way to track multiple projects. With Notion, you can create databases for each of your team’s ongoing projects to store all of your project trackers in one connected workspace.