Launch a successful online marketplace with organized to-dos and prepared staff

Set your store up for success with centralized product documents employees can reference when answering client queries.

Product management strategy

Bring your team together in Notion and enjoy a successful store launch

A marketplace is what companies use to sell products and services online. Launching one is complicated — you have to tackle everything from branding and marketing to manufacturing and distribution. But Notion’s got your back, with templates and organizational tools you can use in one connected workspace.

Go to market guide

Use Notion to prepare for launch and enjoy the following benefits:

  • An easily accessible and editable launch roadmap

  • Organized billing and sales records

  • Trackable team member progress with shared task checklists

  • A centralized wiki housing all relevant launch documents

Product launch kit

How to create a marketplace launch plan in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, build a launch workspace by customizing blocks to suit your needs, like adding checklists, a launch roadmap, and meeting notes.

  3. Invite your teammates to collaborate and assign them tasks.

Company home page template

Enjoy unstoppable success by using Notion post-launch to manage your marketplace

Track team progress, sales metrics, and marketing strategies in one connected and flexible workspace.


What’s a service marketplace?

Service marketplaces are online platforms that connect visitors to service providers like coaches, tradespeople, and instructors.

What’s a marketplace plan?

A marketplace plan outlines an online or physical store’s entire launch process. This includes:

  • Team responsibilities

  • Key milestones and metrics

  • A timeline for every task

  • Outcomes

  • Budgeting

  • A sales strategy

  • A marketing strategy

  • Post-launch next steps

Where can you find Notion templates?