Commit to health and fitness with detailed workout plans, calendars, and trackers

Put your goals within reach with an organized and inspiring health and fitness schedule.

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Document your fitness journey in Notion and get help reaching those milestones

Using fitness software or an exercise plan template might seem like too much work. But recording your goals and how you plan on reaching them makes it easier to keep up. You can set reasonable expectations, monitor your daily and weekly habits, and adjust your plan as you go with fitness trackers in Notion.

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Creating a fitness journal, plan, or tracker in Notion lets you:

  • Write realistic meal and workout strategies

  • Set clear, measurable goals that make small progress feel big

  • Track your habits on a daily basis

  • See the big picture of your improvement 

  • Share with friends and motivate each other

the fitness planner template

How to build a custom health + fitness plan in Notion

  1. Make a Notion account or sign in.

  2. Browse our health and wellness templates or start from scratch.

  3. Create a plan with schedules, custom properties, and sections for self-reflection.

  4. Cross off and adjust goals accordingly.

  5. Share with friends and family.

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Set health goals and track your breakthroughs with Notion

Create a system tailored to every facet of your journey and organize your progress tracking in a way that works for you.


How do I create a fitness template?

The simplest way to create one is to find an existing workout tracker template. Notion's templates offer a solid starting point. Download one that fits your criteria and adjust the details until it’s perfect for you.

What is a good workout routine?

A good workout routine will look different for everyone. You should think about your overall fitness, commitment level, and goals to create a plan that works for you. But the best routines are achievable and sustainable. Start small and work your way up.

Can I design my own workout plan?

Designing your own workout plan — with some research behind it — is a great way to customize your fitness journey. Start a plan in Notion by creating a list of exercises you like, how much and how often you want to do them, and what your goals are. Create a checklist for every milestone so you can cross them off and feel more motivated.