Create sustainable, healthy habits by tracking your food and nutrition

Use software for nutrition tracking to record your favorite meals and eating habits, and design routines that stick.

Nutrition chart template

How Notion gives you the tools to plan delicious (and healthy) meals

Eating the way you want to doesn’t have to be a chore. A nutrition or food plan template can help you organize your diet, plan meals, and track your nutrition intake. You’ll close in on your goals faster — and enjoy the process.

food prep template

Notion lets you:

  • Document your nutrition research in one place

  • Write a food diary or journal for an overview of your habits

  • Create and share meal plans with friends and family

  • Use Notion AI to find new ingredient combinations

  • Bookmark recipes you love

Food prep template

How to use Notion to reach your food and nutrition goals

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Find a food and nutrition template, like a calorie counter sheet or weekly meal prep.

  3. Create more pages to connect different aspects of your journey.

  4. Share with friends and family for inspiration or accountability.

weekly meal prep with Notion AI

Notion’s food and nutrition tracking supports the new you

With detailed, customizable templates, Notion makes it easier to prepare meals and get the nutrients you need.


How do you write a nutrition plan?

Start writing a nutrition plan by reviewing your schedule, dietary needs, and any restrictions you may have. Try talking to a dietician to find gaps in your nutrition. Then start planning meals with ingredients that give you the macros you need.

What software do you use to make diet plans?

You can use Notion to create your diet plans. Just make an account (or sign in) and find a template that works for you. You can also start from scratch and input all of the stats you want to track, like meals, calories, and vitamins. After that, find and save recipes that meet your needs and make you excited to start cooking.

What food and nutrition templates are available on Notion?