Manage staff better with an employee directory in Notion

Streamline new hire onboarding and find the right team member when you need them.

Use Notion to create an employee directory and manage staff

How employee directories help teams stay unified

Does your directory live in an HR site that not everyone can see? Create a resource that integrates with your Notion workplace so everyone can identify team members at a glance, find contact information, and establish a clear reporting structure.

Use Notion to create an employee directory and manage staff

Building your employee directory in Notion means you can:

  • Keep everyone’s contact information in one place

  • Track employee anniversaries and milestones

  • Improve file management by unifying information

  • Make your directory sharable

  • Streamline the employee onboarding process

How to create an employee directory with Notion

  1. Create a new Notion account.

  2. Create a new page and select Table, then New database to host your staff directory.

  3. Build a page for each team member.

  4. Add custom tags and properties.

  5. Invite collaborators and set edit permissions.

Use Notion to create an employee directory and manage staff
A screenshot of Notion's mobile app
A screenshot of Notion's mobile app

Connect team members and never wonder who's who again

An employee directory in Notion integrates key teammate information with the rest of your workspace.


What’s the purpose of an employee directory?

An employee directory is a hub that hosts every team member’s information, keeps team knowledge in one place, and helps new hires learn about their coworkers.

If your directory connects to an org chart, it can also help establish your reporting structure.

How does an employee directory work?

A directory usually lives in a connected workspace like Notion and lets team members search for colleagues using filters like name, department, and job title. If it suits your team, you can also include custom fields for fun facts or other such information.

What should be included in a staff directory?

It varies from company to company, but you’ll probably want to include some combination of these basics for each employee profile: 

  • Employee's full name

  • Their department or team

  • Their job title

  • Their start date

  • Their contact info, including work email, work phone number, and desk location