Streamline your content creation process by creating a calendar in Notion

Take advantage of our connected workspace that’s as flexible and all-encompassing as your content plan demands.

 The desktop image for the content calendar template

How Notion flexibility helps you organize your content strategy

These days, most brand ecosystems sprawl across social media, email campaigns, blog posts, articles, and more. Most content calendar systems can’t keep pace with these planning needs.

Notion's flexibility solves this problem. Our connected workspace can keep pace with all your content needs to help you plan your perfect content marketing strategy, and adjust effectively as you go along.

Our flexible connected workspace can keep pace with all your content needs to help you plan the perfect content marketing strategy.

Use Notion’s content calendar tools to:

  • Make real-time changes to your content calendar

  • Set task dependencies and see how timelines change as task requirements shift

  • Plan all your content in the same space

  • Manage your publishing schedule

  • Fine-tune social media management

  • Easily invite collaborators, set fine-grained permissions, and share with both internal and external teams

Fine-tune social media management

Creating a content calendar in Notion

  1. Sign up for a Notion account. 

  2. Create a database by typing /database. Add your content pieces as individual entries into your database.

  3. Add properties like status, dates, campaign, type of content, and assignees to sort information.

  4. Hover over an entry and click OPEN to view its dedicated page. Add details like content, briefs, due dates, and more.

  5. Create a calendar or timeline view for your content entries to visualize the plan.

  6. Invite teammates who also need this info.

Flexible planning for all your content deliverables with Notion

Get a high-level overview of your content calendar or dive into the details of a content brief from one workspace.


What should a content calendar include?

A content calendar should include key information about the material  you plan to publish, including:

  • Content briefs or topics

  • Content format

  • The campaign to which your content belongs

  • Publishing channels

  • Publishing date

What is a content calendar used for?

Content calendars are project management tools that show entire content plans in order to help simplify

  • Decision-making

  • Content strategy creation

  • Content production

  • The scheduling process

You can use a content calendar, for example, to ensure you have the resources in place to produce new content for an additional campaign. Or, see all your past content ideas at a glance and schedule their creation.

What’s a content calendar template?

A content calendar template is a reusable form that you can adapt to different campaigns or tasks. A template creates a standardized way to build your content calendar's entries and ensure that all to-dos use the same formatting.

Make it easier for your team and stakeholders to switch from one content stream to another and keep track of content creation — even for remote team members — with standard templates.