Check more items off your to-do list with Notion

Add “Create a to-do list in Notion” to your own list and say goodbye to cluttered notes and missed deadlines.

How does Notion make to-do lists more efficient?

To-do lists help you visualize necessary work and track progress — but only when they’re used effectively. (Post-it notes don’t count.)

Whether it’s your daily to-do list or an entire team’s project plan, these lists provide an overview of everything you need to do.

No matter the complexity, we’ve got the to-do list for your needs.

Discover a better way to manage your tasks with Notion. From writing lists to commenting on outstanding items, our connected workspace supports you and your team, so you can organize work and visualize progress — all without leaving your workspace.

No matter the complexity, we’ve got the to-do list for your needs.

How do you create a to-do list in Notion?

  1. Create a Notion account and invite your team.

  2. Create a new page in your workspace.

  3. Type /to-do list to insert a list block onto the page. Use this space to itemize tasks and subtasks.

  4. Add details to each task by linking text from your to-do list to related pages.

Categorize your tasks by priority and effort to determine how to chip away at your to-dos.

Never forget a to-do again with Notion

Feel the satisfaction of checking off every virtual box as you work through your online to-do list.


How do I create a to-do list?

No matter which method you choose, you’ll want to follow these steps: 

  • Create a checkbox list

  • Add a title to the list

  • Create a deadline for the entire list

  • Add items and corresponding deadlines

  • Delegate responsibilities if needed

  • Check items off as you go to monitor progress

Notion has to-do list templates you can use as a starting point — or to get organized from day one.

How long should a to-do list be?

Make your to-do list as short or long as necessary. Just make sure it’s manageable and includes everything you need to accomplish.

What’s the ABC to-do list?

The ABC to-do list is a prioritization method used in project management that categorizes tasks as "A", "B", or "C" based on their level of importance or urgency. Tasks move from most to least important or urgent, with "A" tasks at the top and “C” at the bottom.