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This free template is designed for managers who struggle to find specific YouTube channels, have difficulty organizing their channels into categories, have multiple YouTube accounts, and lose track of videos.
About this template

This manager is for:
>Those who hate the moment when they can't find a specific channel and can't remember its name.
>Those who have a lot of channels and can't sort them into categories.
>Those who struggle to track playlists, even when YouTubers don't create them.
>Those who have multiple YouTube accounts and consistently lose track of some videos.
>Those who want to add notes and save ideas obtained from these videos.
>Those who hate when YouTubers change the titles of videos and can't find them again.

The YouTube Manager Notion template is a comprehensive tool that can help you in more ways than just tracking your video ideas, progress, and analytics. allowing you to take notes and keep track of your ideas and progress.

It also includes categories for managing your subscribed YouTube channels. This feature is particularly useful for those who follow a large number of channels and have trouble keeping track of them on YouTube's home page. By organizing your subscriptions through the template, you can easily find videos that interest you and focus on specific subjects or channels without having to navigate through a cluttered home page.

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