Wellbeing Journal & Mood Tracker | ADHD + Anxiety

Welcome to our Notion Wellbeing Journal, a comprehensive and customizable toolkit designed to elevate your wellbeing journey and assist you in embracing mindfulness and self-awareness.
About this template

With its simple, intuitive and minimalistic design you will find it easy to use. Designed with neutral colors promoting calmness, and intuitive design, this notion template empowers you to effortlessly track and enhance various aspects of your wellbeing from any device.

✔️ Mood, Emotion, Sleep Stress, Anxiety, ADHD Symptom & Habit Tracking:
Stay in tune with your mind and body by easily monitoring and recording your daily moods, sleep patterns, emotions, stress levels, ADHD symptoms, anxiety triggers, and habits. The mood and emotion part of the template was inspired by the feeling wheel and colour coded to match to easily identify your feelings. The habit tracker is designed to only show one week a time as so to not overwhelm you.

✔️ Daily Journal Prompts:
Including Gratitude, Affirmations, Daily Resolve, Daily Photo and section for Journal entry/reflection.

✔️ Journaling Playlist:
Unlock a sense of calm environment by utilising this journalling playlist, providing a soothing backdrop to your self-reflection and expression.

✔️ Complete Customisation:
Tailor your journal to fit your unique needs and preferences. Choose between light or dark mode. Edit habits and journal prompt templates, making your journaling experience truly personal and fulfilling.

✔️ Different Journal Views:
Our Notion template offers various journal views, allowing you to organize your entries in a way that suits you best. Effortlessly switch between filtered views to gain a holistic perspective of your progress.

✔️ Specific ADHD & Anxiety Symptom Tracking:
Identify patterns and triggers by utilizing dedicated views to track ADHD and anxiety symptoms and their frequency. This powerful feature fosters deeper self-awareness and empowers you to manage your wellbeing proactively.


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