User Research Playbook for B2B Products

Guides founders on how to talk to prospective customers and get their first B2B sales. This 12-page Notion template contains:
-How to do product discovery
-How to talk to users (and how not to)
-4 Interview scripts
-Experimentation planner
-User session tracker
-Sales pipeline
About this template

Finding product-makrket fit for a new B2B product a huge challenge - let user research guide you! As you refine who your customer is and what problem they need to solve, your research participants will transition to leads. This template was inspired by books like The Mom Test and Deploy Empathy, and I used it to guide my own products.

Problems you might be facing:

- I don't know what users want
- I’m building the features users ask me for... and still, they don't buy my product
- Users say they love my product, but never actually test them
- Talking to users is hard and I don’t know where to begin
- How do I know when to pivot?
- How do I know if I’m talking to the right people?
- How do I discover my ideal customer?

What you'll learn:

- How to break the product-market fit problem into hypotheses to test
- How to drive your user interviews to uncover real learnings
- When to pivot your product/feature and how
- How to talk to users to avoid “fluff” and empty promises
- How to treat customers who say “no” to you as a win

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