User Research Kick-off for Startups & Solo Pros

Kickstart user research with “🚦 User Research Kick-off” from 80/20 Design. Perfect for solopreneurs & startups, this Notion template guides your insight discovery 🌱.
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Dive into deep insights with the "🚦 User Research Kick-off," a free Notion template from 80/20 Design crafted to kickstart your user research phase with confidence. Including a "Step by Step Guide" + "Best Practices + Common Pitfalls to Avoid"📚, this template is designed to streamline the planning and execution of your initial user research efforts. It's an essential tool for solopreneurs and startups ready to precisely explore their customers' needs, behaviors, and motivations. Part of the "Product Manual: Focus on What Matters" suite sets the foundation for product development that aligns with your users 🌱🚀.

Leverage the User Research Kick-off to:

🎯 Develop a solid research plan that targets key user insights.

🗣️ Prepare for engaging interviews and surveys with targeted questions.

🔍 Analyze and interpret data to guide your product strategy.

Discover how this template integrates into the larger framework of "Product Manual: Focus on What Matters" with this quick walkthrough on YouTube ( ). It offers a glimpse into the comprehensive support our main product provides.

This is your gateway to understanding your market and shaping a product that resonates. Alongside, you’ll find more free Notion templates from 80/20 Design, such as "💡 How Might We," "🖼️ Value Proposition Canvas," and "✅ Product Design Review Checklist," each crafted to navigate your entrepreneurial journey with clarity and purpose.

80/20 Design supports you with tools that make a difference in your journey from ideation to market leader. Visit for a comprehensive collection of resources tailored for startup success.

Questions or in need of customized guidance? Let’s connect at Ready to unlock deep user insights and propel your project forward? Let’s get started.

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