Jobs To Be Done for Startups & Solopreneurs

Refine your product strategy with "πŸ” Jobs To Be Done" by 80/20 Design. Uncover core customer needs for precise value creation. Part of our 'Product Manual' series, it's a must-have for startups. Visit for more resources 🌟.
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Dive into understanding your customer's needs with "πŸ” Jobs To Be Done," a comprehensive Notion template provided for free.

It's crafted to reveal why customers choose your product, focusing on their motivations. With a "Step by Step Guide" and a "Tips and Tricks" section πŸ› οΈ, this tool equips solopreneurs and startups to create offerings that resonate deeply with customer expectations, enhancing product-market fit 🌟.

Here's how Jobs To Be Done can transform your approach:
* 🎯 Unpack the real reasons behind customer choices, understanding the jobs your product is hired for beyond mere features.
* πŸ’‘ Spot gaps in the market by identifying needs that are not yet met, opening avenues for innovation and unique value propositions.
* 🌍 Create offerings that meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring loyalty and driving sustainable growth.

Discover how this template integrates into the larger framework of "Product Manual: Focus on What Matters" with this quick walkthrough on YouTube ( ). It offers a glimpse into the comprehensive support our main product provides.

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Each template is a step towards mastering your market with strategic insight.

At 80/20 Design, it's all about equipping you with resources that support and enhance your business journey. Visit to access a wealth of knowledge and tools crafted for success 🌟.

Got questions? Need tailored advice or ready to start a conversation? Reach out at Let's transform your vision into tangible value, one strategic step at a time.

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