Uni Dashboard

This Notion template is designed to be the ultimate all-in-one workspace for students to organize their studies.
About this template

With three main databases to organize courses, notes, and assignments, this template provides students with an efficient and effective way to manage their academic workload. ## Features

- **Courses:** A central database for all courses with customizable templates to capture important information such as structure of the course and learning objectives. You can attach course manual and book to have quick and easy access. There are also database views of notes & assignments and assignment tracker which you can filter to have everything related to each course.
- **Notes & Assignments:** A central database to capture and store all your notes and assignments. In this database, you can assign multiple properties to conveniently filter and sort files
- **Assignment tracker**: A database view that allows you to track your assignments according to the stage the assignment is at. You can easily drag and drop files from one stage to another.

## Benefits

- Provides a centralized and organized workspace for students to manage their academic workload
- Customizable templates allow for easy capture of important course information
- Filtered database views allow for easy navigation and overview of notes and assignments for specific courses

## What's Included

- Instructions
- Callout for quote, section for quick links, time widget
- Course database
- Notes & Assignments database
- Assignment tracker

Notion Uni Dashboard is an essential tool for any whether you are in still in school or uni. With the Uni Dashboard Notion template, students can have all their course information in one place. The three main databases provide a centralized and organized workspace that eliminates the need for multiple tools and applications. The workspace is customizable, which allows students to adapt it to their specific needs.


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