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Notion Travel AI Plan is the efficient way to manage your Travel Plans with AI power.  
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Last month, I started planning a trip to Beijing,China. Before leaving, I kept checking to make sure I had packed all my bags (because of my paranoia), planned my itinerary and budget. At this point, I realized that I needed a way to manage my travel plans, which could manage my packing list, my itinerary and budget. I also wanted to use AI to plan ahead for me, providing some effective references.

Then Notion Travel AI Plan was born, and you'll see:

1. Automatic plan time reminder.
2. Powerful AI with multiple reference plans.
3. All-In-One-Click with Packing List, Expense Details, Trip Plans.
4. Budget management with every expense details.
5. Packing checklist.
6. Daily plan during the travel.

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