Student Planner Notion Template [Dark Academia]

Designed to elevate your student life, this comprehensive template combines functionality and aesthetics, offering an enchanting experience that keeps you organized and inspired throughout your academic journey.
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Key Features:
Weekly & Daily To-Do List: Stay on top of your tasks and manage your time efficiently, ensuring a seamless academic experience.
Weekly Priorities List: Set your weekly goals and priorities, giving structure to your ambitions and aspirations. Our template empowers you to focus on what truly matters, driving your academic success.
Reading Tracker: Dive into the world of literature and track your reading progress. Record your thoughts, annotations, and favorite quotes, as you embark on intellectual adventures.
Pomodoro Page: Enhance your productivity with the Pomodoro technique. This dedicated page will help you stay focused, manage your study sessions, and achieve a harmonious balance between work and rest.
Classes Page: Organize all your subjects in one place. From detailed class schedules to important notes and descriptions, our template keeps your academic pursuits seamlessly streamlined.
Assignments & Exam Calendar: Never miss a deadline again! Our template allows you to plan, track, and manage assignments and exams efficiently, preventing last-minute rushes.
Money Tracker: Budgeting is essential, even for academic life. Keep track of your expenses, savings, and financial goals, empowering you to manage your finances responsibly.
Habit Tracker: Cultivate positive habits and watch your personal growth flourish. Monitor your habits, build routines, and embrace self-improvement with ease.
Dark Academia Playlist: Elevate your study sessions with an enchanting selection of Dark Academia-inspired music. Fuel your creativity and concentration as you dive into the world of academia.

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