Dark Academia Student Template

Beginner friendly Notion template for the 2023-2024 academic year ✨
About this template

Great for those who love dark academia or a more cozy grunge aesthetic. Tons of tutorials and information for those unfamiliar with the Notion app. This template is budget friendly, so it's accessible for everyone :)

This template includes:
- Main Page (academic hub)
- Fall and Winter semester pages
- Cute aesthetic pictures on every class page
- Playlists for ambience (perfect for overlaying with rain sounds)
- Pomodoro timer
- Assignments database, which links to individual class calendars
- Customizable class schedule for each semester
- 12 individual lecture notes for each class (modified version of the cornell note taking method)
- Quick links section on each class page for easy navigation to important websites or pages
- Syllabus info section (grading scheme, late policy, and grading breakdown)
- Flip Clock


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