Student Assistant

Student Assistant is a template where you can conveniently manage your student routine: assignments, exams, notes & resources, schedule, tuition tracking - all in one place.
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Simplify and Centralize: Your Student Assistant
Streamline your student routine with ease for FREE

- Are you a student eager to find a space where you can comfortably build your successful workflow?

Look no further! These tools are designed to elevate your academic experience:
• Yearly Course Overview: Keep track of all your courses, organized by academic year
• Automatic Class Tracking & Schedule: Effortlessly monitor your active classes and manage your schedule
• Convenient Task and Exam Tracker: Stay on top of assignments and exams
• Personal Student Profile Section: Maintain a dedicated space for your personal academic information
• Tuition Tracker: Monitor your tuition expenses effortlessly
• Resource Repository and Subject Summaries: Access a storage space for resources and summaries for each subject
• List of professors: All information about your professors
• Quick Access Panels: Navigate swiftly with dedicated panels for instant access

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