Star PM (Project Management) for Teams

Streamline your project workflows with our Notion-based management tool, designed to enhance simplicity and clarity for your team, boosting productivity for every member.
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## Simplifying Complexity in SMBs with a Cost-Effective Solution

In managing projects across multiple teams, small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges:

- Team members often work in isolation, making it hard to collaborate across the company.
- With remote work on the rise, coordinating dispersed teams is increasingly complex.
- Aligning projects with the broader business goals can be a struggle.
- There's a critical need for transparency to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction.
- Enhancing individual efficiency is key to both personal and business growth.

Many tools on the market fall short for SMBs:

- They can be expensive, straining limited budgets.
- They often require significant time for setup, training, and ongoing management.
- As more tools are added, the complexity of managing them can become overwhelming.
- Customizing and integrating these tools with existing systems often demands considerable effort.
- Flexibility is frequently lacking, making it difficult to tailor them to the specific needs of a small business.

Imagine a solution that's both versatile and cost-effective, designed with the needs of SMBs in mind. This platform would combine project and product management, CRM, content management, and HR functionalities into one adaptable system, making it easier to run your business efficiently and effectively."

## Streamline your Project and Task Management, Align Teams, and Deliver Value Constantly

The purpose of this template is to offer a straightforward and efficient tool for you and your team to manage projects effectively. The tool functions as a unified system to align everyone's efforts. It also enables each team member to increase productivity by establishing clear task priorities and providing clarity on the next steps to take.

Here's what this template offers:

- Projects Kanban Board
- Project Timeline
- Individual Project Boards
- The TOD* Task Manager
- Idea Board
- Permanent Notes Widget
- Team Management for enhanced collaboration within your organization
- Document Management to link all relevant resources to projects
- Pre-defined Tasks that can be reused across projects (e.g., Video production with standard tasks: scope, script, record, edit, etc.)
- Project Contacts (Clients, Partners, etc.)
- Project Board to communicate important project information (metrics, key achievements, etc.)
- Customizable Quick Links for easy access to key resources by your team"

* Today, Open, Done

🎁 Video:

- One Video explaining how to use the TOD Task Manager
- One Video to explain how to connect your projects and your taks with your Google agenda in Notion Calendar

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