Small Business Financial Budget

If you're thinking about running a small business, this template helps to identify your initial investment budget needed, operating cost of ongoing running the business, and figuring out if how much income is need to turn your business profitable.
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If you're thinking about start a small business, you may encounter following questions:
-Is this a profitable good business, or should I invest it?
-How to plan my initial investment?
-Are there any structural way to think through all the costs, and how to organize them?
-How much income is needed to turn a profit?

Here the Small Business Financial Budget template helps you to better decide before your start :
1. Provide a financial framework, and guide you through the cost items you may need to consider before you running a business.
2. Help to clearly examine your investment costs and profits, in the combination way of dashboard, chart, table, and hard numbers.
3. Three financial tables that identify your initial first batch investment, periodic operating cost, and the break-even point. There are presenting hard numbers that keep you grounded in reality:
- Investment budget: the initial investment needed to open the shop.
- Operating cost table: the ongoing costs of running the shop.
- Profit and loss balance sheet: figuring out if the shop will be profitable and how much income is needed to turn a profit.
4. Easy to understand and operate, the math formulas already embedded in template. You can adjust cost items with your own business needs, without need to have a degree of Accounting or Econometrics.
5. Detailed tutorial provided on how to use or edit the template. Also, it tells the logics and insights behind the numbers.

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