Setting Boundaries with Parents, Teens & Adults

Boundaries are about how you react to something. A notion planner of setting boundaries with parents, teen, and adults.
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Boundaries are about how you react to something. For example, I won't allow people to yell at me, berate me or otherwise speak to me like I am an idiot. If I am on the phone and someone starts, I will hang up. If it is in person I will leave the room. Basically, I remove myself from situations where someone is crossing my boundaries.

Controlling behaviour is about trying to make other people do what you want. It might be obviously controlling like trying to stop a new boyfriend or girlfriend from hanging out with their friends. It might be more subtle or sort of "acceptable" like a parent deciding what subjects their kid will take in highschool without consulting the kid.

Sometimes they look very similar. "You can't hang out with your friend every weekend because you used to sleep together and I don't trust them" is controlling. "I'm sorry but I won't be in a relationship with someone who spends time with their ex every single week" is a boundary.

Another good example is religion. "You must go to church with me every week" is controlling. Making it clear to someone you are dating that your faith is important to you and you aren't interested in someone who doesn't share that value is a boundary.


1. Easy Navigation Menu:

A simple and instinctive navigation menu is located on the home page, allowing easy access to the three important pages: Awareness, Establishment, and Growth.

2. Quick Action Buttons:

Convenient quick-action buttons are available on every page, including the home page, for seamless relations and task performance.

3. Emotional Triggers Catalog:

A dedicated page under Awareness for recording emotional triggers, helping you identify and manage stressors effectively.

4. Emotional Regulation Techniques:

A section within Awareness for listing techniques to manage emotions, providing you with practical strategies for emotional well-being.

5. Self-Reflection Log:

An area on the Awareness page for logging personal thoughts, enabling you to track emotional journeys and insights over time.

6. Boundaries Establishment:

A major component of Awareness--is guiding you in setting and enforcing personal boundaries for healthier relationships and self-care.

7. Self-Compassion Journal:

A dedicated section within Growth for keeping a daily, monthly, and yearly journal of self-compassion practices, boosting self-awareness and growth.

8. Progress Tracker:

An essential component under Growth for observing personal progress and achievements, motivating you to stay focused on their goals.

9. Celebrating Boundaries:

A dedicated section within Growth for acknowledging and celebrating successful boundary performances, and strengthening positive behaviors.


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