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Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to focused achievement with this intuitive digital planner inspired by the revolutionary 12 Week Year system.
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Welcome to your ultimate productivity companion โ€“ the Notion 12 Week Year Planner! Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to focused achievement with this intuitive digital planner inspired by the revolutionary 12 Week Year system.

Designed to help you accomplish more in 12 weeks than you thought possible, our Notion planner empowers you to set clear objectives, break down goals, and execute with precision. Seamlessly navigate through your long-term aspirations, 12-week milestones, key tasks, and priorities with ease, all within the versatile Notion platform.

Stay organized, motivated, and on track as you harness the power of time blocking, task management, and progress tracking. From setting ambitious goals to reflecting on your journey, our planner provides everything you need to succeed.

Whether you're a seasoned goal-setter or embarking on your first 12 Week Year journey, our Notion planner is your trusted companion every step of the way. Make every week count and transform your dreams into reality with the Notion 12 Week Year Planner โ€“ your roadmap to success!


1. SIMPLE NAVIGATION: Easily explore different sections like long-term goals, weekly tasks, and more with intuitive navigation.

2. HOME PAGE DASHBOARD: Stay on top of your tasks with categorized tables for today's tasks, due tasks, and completed tasks.

3. GOAL TRACKING: Set and track your long-term and short-term goals effortlessly with dedicated goal-tracking pages.

4. TIME MANAGEMENT: Organize and prioritize your tasks with the Key Tasks page, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

5. PRIORITY PLANNER: Make informed decisions about where to focus your time and energy with the Priority page.

6. TIME BLOCKING TOOLKIT: Optimize your schedule for maximum productivity with dedicated time blocks for specific tasks and activities.

7. RESOURCE REPOSITORY: Access a treasure trove of resources and insights to support your journey toward success.

8. PROGRESS JOURNAL + LOG: Chronicle your progress and experiences to reflect on your growth and stay motivated.

9. PERSONAL REFLECTION SPACE: Retreat into a private journaling space to express your thoughts and emotions.


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Happy 12WY!

- Akshay

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