Relationship Repair

+240 actionable steps and concrete examples for couples looking to overcome obstacles in their relationships.
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1.Communication Reboot
✔ "I Feel" Expression Technique
✔ Active Listening
✔ Digital Detox
✔ Empathy Connections
✔ Nonverbal Communication

2.Conflict Resolution Framework
✔ Communication Ground Rules
✔ Perspective Swapping
✔ Solution-Focused Brainstorming
✔ ✨BONUS : The Win-Win Approach

3.Apology and Forgiveness Toolkit
✔ The Three R's of Apology
✔ Empathy-Building Workshop
✔ Forgiveness Journaling
✔ Letting Go Exercises :Benefits of forgiveness
✔ Reflective Dialogue Sessions: For sincere apologies

4.Rebuilding Trust Blueprint
✔ Open Dialogue Sessions
✔ Transparency Check-Ins
✔ Trust-Building Activities
✔ Trust-Building Challenges

5.✨BONUS Rebuilding Trust Blueprint
✔ Emotion Exploration Journaling
✔ Empathy-Building Storytelling
✔ Memory Lane Exercise
✔ Vulnerability Building Blocks

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