Logo Brief Questionnaire

This Logo Brief Questionnaire will help you get better briefs and ask the right questions from the beginning, ensuring your logo design process goes smoothly and you produce high-quality results
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A good brief will help you narrow down the scope of the project, stay focused and create something both relevant and meaningful for the brand. The questionnaire in this kit is split into two sections; the first section, 'Brand Overview' asks about the brand, who it helps (and why), competitors, and what makes the brand different. The second section, 'Design Brief' gets specific details of the logo, and asks questions to gain insight into your client's design preferences. In the earlier years of my logo design process, this questionnaire used to be much, much longer. But as time went on, I realised that some questions just weren't necessary, and some most clients couldn't answer. So this is my final, refined set of questions; no fillers, just the good ones. They won't overwhelm you or your client, but they still cover the important stuff that will help you create logos with real meaning. Note – this questionnaire template is part of my 'Logo Design Process Kit'.

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