LinkedIn Employee Advocacy Hub

Empower your employees to be the voice of your brand with this easy-to-use Notion Dashboard.

Make it simple for your team to share company content, industry trends, and news through their networks. Boost brand awareness and establish thought leadership.
About this template

The goal of this product is to make it very easy for you and your team to write, share, and influence on LinkedIn.

What is inside:

✔️ LinkedIn algorithm update sync block (updated every three months), we will let you know what is working.

✔️ Kanban board with a ready-to-use template.

✔️ Quick buttons to add ideas, personal stories, company content, and industry posts never to miss a good idea.

✔️ Track your employees' performance through dedicated SSI scores and follower growth tables.

✔️ Track engaged customers and target them with other campaigns later.

✔️ Step by step guide for employees onboarding and CMO/program manager onboarding. It's effortless to step up this.

✔️ Other Resources you would need like: Connecting strategy, Commenting strategy, and some hooks to get the attention you need.

With our intuitive Notion dashboard, rally your employees around your brand message and drive results.

Choose from three packages:

🚀 Do it yourself - Buy the product and get started immediately. We promise it's very easy to use.

🚀 Done with you - Buy the product, jump on a 1-hour call with us. We will help you and your team get started.

🚀 Done for you - For the busy teams. We will set it up, onboard your employees, and write the content for them. You would need just to copy and paste.

Get more eyes on your brand today with our one-of-a-kind employee advocacy solution!

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