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Spark innovation with the free “💡 How Might We” template from 80/20 Design. Perfect for solopreneurs and startups, it's your gateway to creative problem-solving and is part of our "Product Manual" series 🚀.
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Unlock innovation with "💡 How Might We," a dynamic Notion template tailored for solopreneurs and startups. With an integrated "Step by Step Guide" 📘, this resource is designed to spark transformative questions that lead to significant solutions. It's a pivotal element within the "Product Manual: Focus on What Matters" collection, guiding you from inception 🌱 to triumph 🚀.

Dive in and discover:

- 💭 Brainstorming prompts that ignite creative thinking and problem-solving.
- 🚀 Techniques to turn obstacles into stepping stones for innovation.
- 🌐 Strategies to broaden your horizons and uncover new possibilities for your business.

Discover how this template integrates into the larger framework of "Product Manual: Focus on What Matters" with this quick walkthrough on YouTube ( ). It offers a glimpse into the comprehensive support our main product provides.

Expand your toolkit with "How Might We" and other free Notion templates like "🖼️ Value Proposition Canvas," "✅ Product Design Review Checklist," and "🚦User Research Kick-off" from 80/20 Design. Each one is designed for clarity, creativity, and strategic growth.

At 80/20 Design, we aim to equip you with resources that support and enhance your business journey. Visit []( to access a wealth of knowledge and tools crafted for success 🌟.

Got questions? Need tailored advice or ready to start a conversation? Reach out at []( Let's transform your vision into tangible value, one strategic step at a time.

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