Garden Hub

Manage and track the planting and health of your entire garden, including both inside potted plants and outdoor vegetable gardens and orchards!
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Welcome to the 'Garden Hub'. This Template is designed to manage your entire garden and keep track of it all. It has 9 interconnected databases with formulas. Know what your planting and when to harvest. Track health issues, plan jobs and keep all your resources.

- Manage your veggie garden, Indoor and outdoor plants.
- Track the health of your plots, veggie plantings, plants and trees. Keep a full history.
- Includes a garden shopping list, filing cabinet, materials database and tags database.
- Record easily jobs you do in bulk: Weeding, Pruning, Fertilising.
- Track when plots are resting, whats in each plot and what was in their last year!
- Know what you planted and when. Allow Notion to calculate when harvest is due!
- See all your indoor plants and their needs. Record any health issues and treatments used. Do the same for all your Outdoor plants and trees.
- Comes with comprehensive instructions and videos.

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