Expenses Tracker: Keep Up With Your Spending

The Expenses Tracker is useful for all students and professionals who could use a simple and intuitive solution to track all their expenses, in order to achieve their saving goals. It is completely free to use!
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Expenses Tracking Made Easy

Having trouble keeping track of all your monthly expenses? Unsure why you have NO savings and where all your money is going to? Or are you just on a tighter budget for now and would like to log your spending?

Not to worry! Notion Revolution is here to help with our user-friendly Expenses Tracker to help you find out where all your money is going to!

How does it work?

The Expenses Tracker leverages the powerful features of Notion Databases to track your expenses.

What is Included?

Expenses Tracking Database:
❖ Easily set up within 5 minutes thanks to our detailed instructions
❖ Quick-add button for new expenses
❖ See your total expenses at a glance in the Notification Centre

Perform Analysis By Categorisation & Periodic Reviews:
❖ Categorise the type of expenses to analyse spending habits
❖ Use the 'Sort' function to identify your highest expenses
❖ Breakdown your expenses by month or year using the 'Filter' function

Other Features:
❖ Set up recurrent expenses by choosing the frequency
❖ Pre-populated expenses category for easy selection
❖ Optimised version for mobile view and use
❖ Choose between Light & Dark Mode

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