Dashboard for Freelance Designers

A straightforward workspace for freelance designers

Who is this for?
- You are a designer and you love Notion
- You need an easy workflow to manage your design projects
- You want room for customization
About this template

Here are the features:

Profile and Sticky Notes: Add your fiver, Upwork, LinkedIn or any other profile links. Add your upcoming tasks according to their priority on the sticky notes

Projects Overview: Manage the status of your briefs, working files, deadlines, contact details, invoices and rates!

Production Workflow: Track the progress of your ongoing projects in an easy kanban board

Color Palette: Refer to the useful palette widget for your inspirations

Design Brief: Get the project overview, creative guidelines and content details that needs to go your work

Design Inspiration: See something cool! Add it to your Inspiration list!

Design Resources: A dedicated space for creative tools (fonts, color palette, logo etc)

Cold Email and DM Tracker: Elevate your outreach game with our cold email/ DM Tracker. Strategically plan and execute cold emails and LinkedIn DMs to expand your career opportunities.

Invoice Template: Get an easy invoice template ready to be shared! You can download it as a pdf form as well

Rate Chart: Add your rates according to the market and your expertise

Tax: Keep a tab of your taxes that you can easily share with your accountant.

Terms and Conditions Template: Add your specifications in the marked areas of the template and share with your client before starting your project. Do read all the details before sharing!

Portfolio: Compile your published work in this portfolio to show your design work

Testimonials: Add more credibility with testimonials from your teammates and clients

Networking Database: Cultivate valuable connections and manage your professional network seamlessly. Keep track of contacts, meetings, and follow-ups with this dedicated database for your networks

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Email: happyhabbits56@gmail.com
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