Top 10 Sprint Planning Templates for Product Designers

Sprint planning is integral for product designers to structure their work over a specific period, ensuring targets are realistic and aligned with project goals. A Sprint Planning template, especially when designed in Notion, can streamline this process by providing a clear outline for task distribution, priority setting, and tracking progress, thereby making team collaboration more systematic and goal-oriented.

Before diving into creating your Sprint Planning template, consider exploring these featured options to simplify and enhance the process.

1Agency Project OS

Agency Project OS transforms how you monitor and manage client and internal projects. It centralizes project details, offering detailed insights into every phase of the project lifecycle.

A template preview for Agency Project OS

2Weekly Sprints

Are you someone who wants to plan out your week ahead? Or someone who wants to track their weekly habits?

Here's a simple to use weekly planner, where you can set your goals for the week in one of the 4 categories: Personal, Professional, Health and Social. Add your TODOs for the week in those columns or track your habits.

You can easily add a new week with the button and take a look at your older weeks' progress in the History section as well. Personalise it as you like and make it work for you.

A template preview for Weekly Sprints

3Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

It helps to create an work flow in IT departments

A template preview for Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

4Sprint Planning Meeting

Our Sprint Planning Meetings template is a time-efficient tool designed to streamline your sprint planning. With a single click, you can generate a new sprint meeting entry marked with today's date. The template includes structured sections for reviewing the last sprint, planning the upcoming sprint, and fostering discussion. You can also conveniently link to the associated sprint. This organized and simple text-based approach keeps your sprint planning focused and effective.

A template preview for Sprint Planning Meeting

5Product Backlog w/ DoR and DoD

Get started with your project with this straight-forward Product Backlog template with pre-defined Definition of Ready and Definition of Done. Your project doesn't have to be a software or something complex in order to use this. It can fit to any application or use case, whether for personal or business purposes. You will be guided what data to populate in Epic, PBI, User Story, Acceptance Criteria, etc., based on the samples provided.

A template preview for Product Backlog w/ DoR and DoD

6Action Plan

The Action Plan Template helps you to create action plans easily.

By creating an action plan you’ll able to gain a clear understanding of your short-term objectives are.

By creating an action plan you’ll be able to streamline your efforts and stay focused on what truly matters.

A template preview for Action Plan

7Minimal Project Manager

Access the "Task Board" section, your central hub for managing tasks.
Create, organize, and track tasks effortlessly with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

A template preview for Minimal Project Manager

8Product Management Tool

First, it will allow users to create roadmaps and plan their epics. Then, they will be able to deconstruct those epics into smaller tasks and organize them into a Backlog. Other people will be able to vote on which features they want to see implemented.

Users will also be able to plan and execute sprints and plan retrospectives with this product management tool and manage tasks through the Ticketing system.

A template preview for Product Management Tool

9ULTIMATE Project & Task Manager - Advanced Version

Advanced Version (Sprints Included)

Are you interested in the ULTIMATE project and task manager? This template is designed so that you can go seamlessly from projects, and tasks, to sprints. We also include additional features for planning and review, team pages, calendars, and more!

🤍 This version will work well for bigger teams of 3-10 people and every team size with a strong focus on product development. You would want to consider this version if you are looking for a way to have focused timeframes, efficient planning, and strong collaboration among members.*

💼 Projects: The projects database allows you to store your projects, view them in timeline view, and move them through different stages such as planning, in progress, and more! Each project is connected to tasks so that you can calculate your progress, hours spent, as well as planning & review sections.

✅ Tasks: Tasks can be seamlessly connected to sprints and projects so that you know exactly what you need to do to progress. If you don’t want to use a sprint-based approach, you can also use a backlog to track your current tasks.

➖ Sub-Tasks: Each task comes connected with sub-tasks that will show up on the task. Break down large tasks into smaller sections!

👥 Team Page: This is a central page where you can store your team’s directory, working hours, and contact information. This is a great way to keep track of everyone and also see team meetings and availability.

🗓️ Calendars: We combined all calendars across this template into one place. See your dated tasks, projects, team calendar, and sprints in one place!

🧭 Easy Navigation: A handy sidebar is on all pages where you can access important pages easily. We also include a “Home” button to get back to the main dashboard.

👟 Sprints: The Sprints page allows you to complete and create new sprints and track their progress. Each sprint comes with a planning section where you can easily move your relevant tasks for that sprint. Set a period of your choice for the sprint as well!

✍🏻 Sprint Planning & Review: Sprints and projects come with a planning & review section so you can brainstorm and review individually or as a team. The Sprint planning page can allow you to connect your tasks to your sprints when you start the sprint.

A template preview for ULTIMATE Project & Task Manager - Advanced Version

10Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The Notion Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template is a must-have for project managers seeking an organized approach to complex projects. It enables you to decompose large projects into smaller, more manageable components, facilitating detailed planning and resource allocation. This template is invaluable for maintaining clarity on project deliverables and timelines, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Use it to foster a structured and systematic approach to project management, enhancing efficiency and reducing risks.

A template preview for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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