Top 10 Release Tracking Templates for Mechanical Engineers

Release Tracking is a systematic approach for mechanical engineers to monitor and manage the progress of their projects, from conceptual design to product launch. A Release Tracking template in Notion can streamline this process, offering a structured, easy-to-follow format for scheduling tasks, milestones, and deadlines, ensuring that all project components are accounted for and progress is transparent to all stakeholders.

Before you start developing your own Release Tracking system, consider exploring these Release Tracking templates to simplify your work.

1Notion’s product releases

Ensuring your teams are aligned on release dates, processes, and context is key to a successful launch. Maintaining a single database enables cross-functional collaboration and simplifies information sharing from different teams. Easily filter your product releases by platform, status, or type, and use database templates for new features and bug fixes.

Use this template to keep everyone on the team aligned by tracking all your releases in one shared database.

A template preview for Notion’s product releases

2Development project report

This template allows all stakeholders in a development project to track the design, development, current status, and delivery of a software project. It can easily be connected to databases for development tickets, meeting notes, and other items related to the project.

A template preview for Development project report

3Release Manager

A page to plan your future releases and store release notes for each. You can choose to keep this internal or external for your users as well.

A template preview for Release Manager

4Notion Engineering Dashboard

The Notion Engineering Dashboard is an easy-to-use workspace for you to track your tasks, stories, epics, sprints, and meetings. With this Notion setup you can cut out clutter and focus on your highest priority tasks, without losing track of important details.

A template preview for Notion Engineering Dashboard

5Product Release Notes

Release notes are always a pain to create because the value it adds seems little. Most teams neglect them while some teams have their own platform for making them. This minimal template centralizes all release notes and structures the essential info required for readers.

A template preview for Product Release Notes

6Down to Biz Notion Pack

Down to Biz is your dynamic digital workspace to help you streamline workflows and build flexible systems, so you can focus on what you do best.

This template pack is fully-customizable and easy to use. Whether you're a content creator, an entrepreneur flyin’ solo or a biz owner collaborating with your small team, Down to Biz is your intuitive digital hub for all things creative biz.

Grow your biz with confidence n’ ease, manage your dream team, and simplify your systems. Here’s what you can expect inside Down to Biz:


Team Tasks & Projects Dashboard, Meeting Notes with Built-in Meeting Templates, Dynamic Sticky Notes


Partnerships Tracker, Client Tracker, Services & Offerings Template, Testimonials & Feedback Hub


Content Map for Social Media, Newsletter, Blog, etc., Social Media Metrics Tracking, Content Pillars Template


Roadmap & Strategy Dashboard, Product Revenue Tracker, Biz Finance Tracker, Branding Hub


Tools We Love, Templates & Documentation Hub, Link in Bio Template, Rate Card Template, Navigating Down to Biz in Notion

Plus, a welcome video with instructions & tips on how to make the most of this template pack!

A template preview for Down to Biz Notion Pack

7Indie Developer Project Manager - Access Page

This tool will help you to manage all your development projects, tracking the changes, logging issues and scheduling deployments.

Originally, I created this template for my partner, he is a programmer and he wanted to manage his projects.

I thought it could be useful for others too.

A template preview for Indie Developer Project Manager - Access Page

8Weekly Sprints

Are you someone who wants to plan out your week ahead? Or someone who wants to track their weekly habits?

Here's a simple to use weekly planner, where you can set your goals for the week in one of the 4 categories: Personal, Professional, Health and Social. Add your TODOs for the week in those columns or track your habits.

You can easily add a new week with the button and take a look at your older weeks' progress in the History section as well. Personalise it as you like and make it work for you.

A template preview for Weekly Sprints

9Notion’s Academy Content Planner

Use this system to organizes lessons into their respective courses, and tag them with product features — database templates make it easy to create and organize scripts.

A template preview for Notion’s Academy Content Planner

10Release Tracking Template

For individuals managing a release plan, this template supports organization of work and information in a way that’s accessible and manageable. For teams, this view keeps everyone on the same page cross-functionally to stay on track with timelines and action steps. Companies benefit from smooth and timely launches, which this template helps deliver.

A template preview for Release Tracking Template

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