Best Product Launch Tracker Templates for Marketing Analysts

For marketing analysts, preparing for a product launch encompasses a myriad of tasks, from planning timelines to coordinating cross-functional team efforts and analyzing market data. A dedicated Product Launch Tracker in Notion can provide a structured environment to manage these components effectively, ensuring that launch activities are aligned and executed on schedule. It offers a centralized place to monitor progress, make data-driven decisions, and adapt strategies as needed.

Before you start crafting your own Product Launch Tracker template, explore these Product Launch Tracker examples to streamline the process and enhance your efficiency.


Perfect for solopreneurs and indie-hackers who have hundreds of ideas but don't know which one to build next.

Automatically assign priority to your ideas by entering scores for factors that contribute to the success of an idea.

The template includes complete instructions and analysis on how your ideas are scored.

A template preview for RateMyIdeas

2Match Group's roadmap

+1 Labs, the innovation lab at Match Group (Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid) built this roadmap to prioritize their big bets for the year and maintain vision and focus. Use their template to drive clarity around what the team wants to run after and when.

A template preview for Match Group's roadmap

3Product Launch Tracker

The Product Launch Tracker template provides a structured way to plan and manage your product launches. Each new launch gets its own page, where you can build necessary context and track the associated tasks. This centralized approach helps ensure everyone is aligned on their responsibilities and keeps your team focused on meeting launch deadlines.

A template preview for Product Launch Tracker

4Simple Data Tracking Plan

A tracking plan is a living document that outlines:

- Events: What user interactions you are tracking.
- Properties: The additional details of these interactions.
- Details:
- Descriptions
- Status
- Platforms
- UI screenshot (Or, plan directly on designs using Figma Data Tracking Plan widget)
- Other relevant information (like owners, data source, priority, QA notes, etc.).

This document makes sure everyone knows what data is being tracked and how.

A template preview for Simple Data Tracking Plan

5Launch Copilot

Launch Copilot is a guide with AI prompts that simplifies launch content preparation on Product Hunt.
💡 Our AI-powered prompts provide step-by-step explanations, complete with helpful images, to guide you through the entire process.
Use our AI-powered prompts to effortlessly prepare quality content in no time. Don't waste hours creating launch content ⚡

A template preview for Launch Copilot

6Product Launch Planner

This Planner is a bitesize solution that helps digital product creators like you, launch your products smoothly.

To enable a successful product launch, the template provides:

1. A comprehensive framework to keep you on track
2. Actionable task breakdown where you can start with small efforts and yield big results
3. Dedicated time blocker for focus time and make space for productivity
4. Flexibility around project arrangements
5. Product launch timeline to stay in control of on-going projects

Take control of your creative journey and make the first step towards your next product success today!

A template preview for Product Launch Planner

7One Page Squarespace Website (+ Content Prompts)

This template includes a tutorial showing you how to build a simple one-page website with Squarespace. You'll also access all the content prompts you need to set your site up and launch it the very same day.

A template preview for One Page Squarespace Website (+ Content Prompts)

8Feature Delivery Checklist

Launching new features can be a stressful and time-consuming process. With the Feature Delivery Checklist, Product Development teams can easily keep track of everything that's needed for a successful Launch! The template is fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your team and can be used for both small and large-scale feature releases.

A template preview for Feature Delivery Checklist

9Solopreneur Summer Workbook

Being a Solopreneur is hard, so fill out the workbook this summer🤓

Watch your sales soar in September! Time to make your biz account shine!

A template preview for Solopreneur Summer Workbook

10Product manager OS

This template helps PMs manage their weekly tasks and projects by ensuring they focus on the right things. It encourages people to ladder up their tasks and projects to core OKRs, and simplifies the process of staying on top of their teams. In short, it makes zooming out to overall goals just as easy as focussing on what needs to get done this week.

A template preview for Product manager OS

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