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The Notion Template for Tracking Asian Series is a tool designed to help you keep organized and up-to-date with the Asian dramas you're watching.
About this template

Key Features:

Classification by Type and Country:

You can categorize each series or movie by its type (series or movie) and the country of origin (South Korea, Japan, China, etc.). This allows you to easily organize your watchlist and find specific content according to your preferences.
Genres and Ratings:

The template allows you to label each title with different genres (romance, comedy, action, etc.) to help you quickly identify what type of content you're watching. Additionally, you can rate each series or movie by giving it stars based on your level of satisfaction.
K-drama Journal:

A standout feature of this template is the K-drama Journal, specifically designed for K-drama enthusiasts. After finishing a Korean drama, you can use this section to reflect on your experience. Answer questions such as who your favorite character was, what your overall opinion of the drama was, and what standout moments left a lasting impression.
Customization and Multimedia:

In addition to recording your thoughts and opinions, the template allows you to add multimedia content to enrich your experience. You can attach photos, videos, memes, or any other type of content that impacted you during the viewing of the drama.
How to Use the Template:
Create a Database:

To get started, create a new database in Notion using the provided template. This will give you access to all the predefined features to start organizing your Asian series.
Add Titles:

Begin by adding the titles of the series or movies you're watching or planning to watch in the future. Fill in relevant information such as content type, country of origin, genres, and your initial rating.
Track Progress:

As you progress through each series or movie, update your progress in the template. You can mark watched episodes, record your reactions, and adjust your rating as desired.
Use the K-drama Journal:

When you finish a K-drama, head to the K-drama Journal and answer the provided questions. Use this space to reflect on your experience and capture your thoughts before moving on to the next title.
Add Multimedia Content:

Don't forget to take advantage of the template's ability to add multimedia content. Upload photos, videos, or memes that capture the standout moments from your favorite Asian dramas.

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