3Mate Sprint Triathlon Planning

3Mate Sprint is a Notion template designed for sprint triathletes, featuring a user-friendly interface and a pre-loaded 6-week plan with 28 structured workouts for efficient, goal-oriented training.
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3Mate Sprint revolutionizes training for sprint triathlon enthusiasts by offering a comprehensive, easy-to-use Notion template, complete with a pre-loaded 6-week plan that includes 28 strategically designed workouts. This template simplifies the planning and tracking of swimming, cycling, and running sessions, helping users stay organized and focused on their training goals. By providing a visual calendar and insightful analysis tools, 3Mate Sprint assists athletes in visualizing their progress and optimizing their performance through actionable data. The result is a streamlined, effective training experience that empowers users to achieve their best in the sprint triathlon, regardless of their experience level.

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