Notion 2.18, now with teamspaces

Organize your company with teamspaces

Think of your Notion workspace as a digital office: a comfortable and focused place for folks to do their best work. But while it’s useful to have everyone under the same roof, different teams need their own spaces, and the flexibility to change how you work as the company grows.

Teamspaces are like mini-workspaces within your workspace: custom sections of the sidebar that can be adapted to every company department, working group, cross-functional project, or whatever you need to get teams on the same page. And for the first time, every employee will be able to curate and customize their own view of the company’s Notion workspace, by joining the teamspaces relevant to their role and priorities (and leaving the ones that aren’t).

  • Click All teamspaces at the top of your sidebar to get started. Click the + New teamspace button to create a space for your department, office location, or working group, and join relevant teamspaces to add them to your sidebar.

  • Customize teamspaces to meet the needs of every team. Every teamspace can have its own look and feel, members & settings. Enterprise workspaces gain granular control over employees’ ability to publish pages to the web, export, and add guest collaborators, on a space-by-space basis.

  • New privacy settings and roles ensure that everyone has the appropriate level of access to content. Designate teamspace owners to control membership, security settings & permission levels.

You might not see teamspaces in your workspace yet — the feature will be rolled out slowly, so you'll see these changes between now and mid September.

“Quick find” is now “Search,” and it’s better than ever

When folks struggle to find the context they need to get work done, company momentum slows to a glacial pace. “Status update” meetings get scheduled. Browser tabs multiply. And precious little time remains to get real work done. So we’re doubling down on search, so everyone can quickly and easily find what they need in Notion.

  • See a list of all of your recently visited pages when you open the search window, just like a browser history. Then jump back to your recent pages with one click.

  • Narrow the scope of your search with better filters. Quickly limit your search to a specific teamspace, page, author, date & more.

  • Search for pages that include an exact phrase, by wrapping your “search term in quotation marks.”

  • See search results 40-50% faster, with instant access for frequently viewed pages.

  • Find more accurate search results, thanks to improvements to our search engine tech.

See when pages were last updated

Like bread, stale pages aren't very appealing. When you're viewing a team doc, you want to make sure you're seeing the most up-to-date info available.

Now you can quickly check the top-right of your page to see when a page was last updated, and hover your cursor to see who edited the page most recently, and who created it.

New tools and controls for admins ENTERPRISE

IT specialists, security teams, program managers — these are the heroes behind the curtain, ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need to be productive, and that those tools are well-maintained and have the security controls the organization needs. With them in mind, we set out to make Notion Enterprise workspaces much easier to deploy and manage at scale.

  • New membership admin and workspace owner roles ensure that every employee has the appropriate level of access to workspace security settings & billing.

  • Workspace owners can customize who should be able to create additional Notion instances using their verified domain.

  • When employees leave the company, workspace owners can re-assign their content to ensure nothing goes missing.

  • Now, workspace owners can view the audience or visibility level of each target page in the audit log.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • For new API features & improvements, go to →

  • Now when a heading is turned into a toggle heading, it automatically wraps blocks until the next heading

  • You can now re-order your "Favorites" section in the home tab on iOS

  • Fixed a bug that prevented edits to database properties with lots of text on iOS

  • Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling to the proper place on iOS after tapping a page comment

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a triple click from selecting an entire paragraph if there were links or mentions in the paragraph

  • Fixed a bug that prevented backlinks from being created when a page was created from the "Turn into page" button

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some keyboard shortcuts from working in Firefox

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