New database permissions 🔒

Can Edit Content permission level

Notion databases give you and your teammates a customizable place to track engineering sprints, company OKRs, content calendars and more. And now you have even more control over who can do what in a database.

The new “Can Edit Content” permission level prevents accidental edits to the database’s structure — views, filters, property names, property types & more — while still allowing your colleagues to edit the content inside the database pages. Just open the Share menu of a database to get started.

Embed content from Hex & Deepnote

Using Notion to keep your data team organized? Now you can embed collaborative SQL and Python notebooks directly in your notes & docs in Notion. Just type /hex or /deepnote to get started.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • For new API features & improvements, go to →

  • Notion’s new editor with multi-block text selection has now been rolled out to 100% of devices (Firefox is not supported)

  • The current block type is now indicated with a checkmark in the “Turn into” menu

  • Fixed some bugs that prevented copy/paste from working correctly with the new text editor in some instances

  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling to select text to be very slow on some iOS devices

  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom page icons from displaying correctly on some Android devices

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Open on start” setting from working correctly for some users

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