Hack week 👩🏼‍💻👨🏿‍💻🧑🏽‍💻

Hey, you! Thanks for supporting Notion this year.

For our last update of 2021, the team spent a week shipping these li’l mini-features and bug fixes — we hope they make your workspace a cozier spot to hang out in the new year.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting new ways to use Notion in 2022 ✌️

Toggles for H1, H2 & H3 headers

We know that toggles are a lot of folks’ favorite Notion feature. If you’ve ever thought “I wish toggles could be bigger,” you’re in luck! Here are a few ways you can add header toggles to your pages:

  • Open the block menu by typing / or clicking the + button that appears to the left of your paragraph, then select Toggle heading 1/2/3 in the dropdown menu that appears

  • Type > in an empty heading block, or # / ## / ### in an empty toggle block

  • Use the Turn into command by clicking the ⋮⋮ block handle to the left of any block, or use a slash command such as /turnintotoggleh1

Add background colors to simple table rows & columns

We’ve been keeping an eye on your feedback since launching simple tables last month! One of the biggest requests was the ability to make simple tables more colorful. Now you’ll find a new Color menu when you click the column & row handles, giving you another way to organize your content.

Create flowcharts & diagrams in code blocks

Create flowcharts, pie charts, user journey diagrams and more with Mermaid, right inside a code block. No need to screenshot or embed charts from other tools! Mermaid syntax is easy to learn, even if you don’t usually write code.

Just select Mermaid in the language dropdown at the top left of any code block to get started. Once you’ve written your code, use the second dropdown at the top left to see a live Preview of your chart, or select Split to see your code and chart together.

Create page columns on iPad & Android tablets

In the past, multi-column layouts could only be created on desktop. Now, you can create multi-column page layouts on iPad & Android tablets too.

Just hover your cursor over any block and grab the ⋮⋮ block handle that appears (or tap and hold a block if you don’t have a mouse or trackpad), then drag to the far left or far right side of your screen.

Better rollups

Rollups are one of Notion’s most powerful features, allowing you to bring in specific pieces of information from your databases into other workflows. Now, interacting with rollups is even easier.

  • Rollups of URL, email & phone number properties are now clickable

  • Hover your cursor over any rollup and click the ✏️ button to configure the rollup’s relation, property & calculation

Bug fixes & improvements

  • It’s much easier to find the emoji you’re looking for as inline emojis or page icons (e.g. only the “bubble tea” keyword found the 🧋 emoji before, but now “boba” works too)

  • Smart quotes & apostrophes are now supported

  • Clicking on a page’s title in the breadcrumbs at the top left of the page now scrolls you to the top of the page

  • Recursive page mentions are now supported (i.e. mentions of pages whose titles contain links to other pages whose titles contain links to other pages now include all of the associated links within the mention 🪆)

  • The keyboard shortcuts for dark mode and transforming block type are now supported on iPad and Android tablets with an external keyboard

  • Checkbox properties can now be resized to perfectly fit the little checkbox in your Table view databases

  • Newly created linked databases now reflect the sort, column order & column visibility of the first Table view of the source database

  • Long titles now wrap onto new lines on Gallery view cards, and the + New button is smaller when it’s the only item in a row

  • Double click column separators in your simple tables to automatically resize the column based on the longest cell

  • Databases with three or more views now include a search box within the view switcher dropdown menu

  • When you change a database property’s visibility to “Hide when empty,” new properties added to the database will default to “Hide when empty”

  • You can paste the same content into multiple selected cells simultaneously in Table view databases

  • On mobile, you can now re-order columns in Table view databases, properties on database pages, and columns & rows in simple tables

  • Numeric values in Table view databases now use tabular lining for better readability

  • The dropdown menu that appears when you click the ⋮⋮ block handle of a sub-page now includes a button to Open in new tab

  • The pop-up that appears when hovering your cursor over hyperlinked text now includes an Edit button for easier link editing

  • Invoices for your Notion subscription are now more detailed and easier to read

  • In the Members section of Settings & members, you can now sort the member list by name or access level by clicking the User and Access level column headings

  • The dropdown menu that appears when you start to @mention a teammate now prioritizes internal employees who use your team’s email domain

  • Workspace admins now have an ADMIN badge next to their names in Settings & membersMembersGroups

  • When you’re logged into multiple accounts and navigate to a URL that your active account doesn’t have access to, Notion will now automatically switch to your other account that has access

  • Mentions to pages that you don’t have access to are now titled “No access” instead of “Untitled”

  • Fixed a bug that prevented previews from appearing in the page history tool for pages where the Move to function had been used

  • The order of page properties is retained in PDF exports

  • Sorts on a database view are retained in PDF exports

  • Cyrillic characters are now supported in exported file names

  • Inline links to Notion pages become links in exported PDFs

  • Large pages are less likely to result in an error message during a PDF export

  • File blocks become links in the exported PDF

  • The Confluence importer tool is better at determining whether a Confluence table column should become a Checkbox property in Notion

  • More date formats are supported when inputting dates as mentions or database properties, especially in Korean

  • Lots of interface fixes in the Korean & Japanese apps: button and menu item names that were too long, broken padding and spacing, miscellaneous rough edges

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Ctrl / + \ keyboard shortcut for opening and closing the sidebar from working correctly on Japanese keyboards

  • In the page history tool, date timestamps now use relative formatting (e.g. “1 day ago” instead of “12/20/2021,” or “February 1, 2022” instead of “2/1/2022”)

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