Working from home 🏑

Hello from San Francisco! If you're like us, you're probably just getting used to working at home. Notion went full remote last week to help contain COVID19 here in San Francisco, and we figured we weren't alone in trying to stay connected and on track. So, a couple of our engineers spent the last week building features to make collaborating at a distance easier and better.

Here's what we have so far, but there's more to come.

Features & Improvements

  • Better notifications β€” now with an inbox πŸ“¬
    We reimagined the All Updates menu for desktop and mobile to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Here's what changed:

    • Your most relevant notifications will arrive in the Inbox section. Click the X button to archive an update, or Archive All to hit inbox zero.

    • The Following section now includes an Unfollow this page button, so you can curate these notifications to be more relevant.

    • The new Archived section is your home for notifications that've already been acted on. This lets you minimize your Inbox so that it only includes tasks that still need your attention. Use the Unarchive button to put something back on your radar.

  • Better page presence avatars πŸͺ
    Be present with your team, even when you're apart.
    When other people are viewing the same page as you, click on their avatar at the top to jump to wherever they're reading or editing.

  • Miro block πŸ–
    Embed a Miro board into any Notion page.
    Miro is a collaborative, online whiteboard for distributed & remote teams. Use it for:

  • Abstract block πŸ“²
    Embed an Abstract project into any Notion page.
    Abstract offers version control for design teams using Sketch or Adobe XD (beta) β€” no more wondering "where's the most recent design version?" Use it for:

  • Customer Stories πŸ’¬
    See how companies like Figma, Loom, and many others use Notion, with actionable examples you can put to work with your team (Loom in particular has a good remote team use case) β†’
    Notion - Customer Stories

Bug Fixes

  • The red notification badge now counts to 99 instead of 9.

  • Public Notion pages containing suspicious content are now automatically blacklisted and display a warning.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Android app to crash after a long tap to drag.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl/cmd + Shift + [number] from working on Chrome.

  • Fixed a bug that caused workspace and member information to display incorrectly on iOS 11.0.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Twitter embeds to break page width on mobile.

  • Fixed a bug that caused icons to be clipped in some menus.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented date selection for @date mentions on mobile.

More resources for going remote

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