February 13, 2020

Features & Improvements

  • Snappier performance 🐊

    More coming soon, still a work in progress!

  • Better toggles 📐
    See when toggles are empty without opening them.

    • This toggle is empty

    • This toggle is not empty
      Hello world!

  • Whimsical block 🧠
    Embed a Whimsical Board into any Notion page.
    Whimsical is a visual workspace with the tools to express your thoughts as:

  • Brand new sign-up experience 📋

    A much better first-time onboarding flow for folks signing up for a new account.
    Workspace settings and templates are custom tailored depending on who you're using Notion with, and what you're using Notion for.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented database filtering on some rollup properties.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented public Notion pages from scrolling on iPadOS Safari.

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to begin H1, H2 and H3 headers with a number.

  • Fixed a bug that made Daylight Saving Time cause missing or duplicate dates in some countries.

  • Fixed a bug that changed Board card properties when they were dragged while an OR filter was enabled.

  • Fixed a bug impacting Arabic dates in Firefox.

  • Fixed a bug where Calculate buttons didn't work for Formula columns with toNumber().

  • Fixed a bug that let guests search for pages in a workspace with Public Access enabled.

  • Fixed a bug that caused dates with 2020 to read as 0020.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented calendars from showing months after October 2020.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented @mention links from appearing in public link previews.

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