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Startups that are part of AWS Activate get $1000 free credits toward Notion's Plus plan.

A screenshot of Notion's mobile app
A screenshot of Notion's mobile app


of Forbes Cloud 100 companies use Notion


of YC companies use Notion


of users replaced 2+ tools


of users saved time

Lego bricks

Build your company and team with one tool

Build a wiki people love

Wikis are where docs go to die. Not in Notion. Easy to create. Delightful to use.

A wiki for startups

Find every doc you need, fast

Make information super accessible and easy to self-serve. Keep communication strong.

A docs database

Manage projects your way

Plan and execute in one place. Customize your workflows for every team and goal.

A project page for startups.

Make your pitch stand out

Tell your story exactly how you want — whether you're talking to an investor or customer.

A startup pitch deck

Our customers say it best

It helps keep us all aligned around the core mission of enabling a creative renaissance by helping writers flourish and can serve as a source of truth for our philosophies and plans for how to make that happen.
Hamish McKenzieCo-founder
Notion is so easy for everyone to use and access, it ensures Figma's ethos of collaboration is reflected in how we work with and learn from each other.
Marie SzutsHead of People Ops
We use Notion as our operating system for everything, from engineering specs to new hire onboarding. Our team tripled in size this past year, and Notion allowed us to keep all information central and quickly accessible.
Nashilu Mouen-Makoua Head of Growth & Operations
Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs. It's as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be.
Rahim Makani
Rahim Makani
Director of Product, Match Group


Who is eligible?

Any startup can apply for the discount, with each application going through our automated verification process. If you're a startup that’s working with one of our partners, you’re immediately verified and can use your partner’s code to get the credit.

What is $1000 in Notion credit worth?

On Notion's Plus plan, for a team of 10, $1000 in credit represents a year of free Notion.

Can I redeem more than one partner code?

No, only one partner code can be used per company.

I want this discount to be available to my portfolio companies. How can I become a partner?

We want to hear from you! Apply to be a partner and we’ll get back to you with more information. We’re especially interested in finding partners outside of major tech hubs.

What changed about the program since it launched in 2019?

Notion wants to help as many startups as possible build their companies. When our startups program first launched, only startups working with our partners could redeem $1000 in credit (which they still can!). Now, any startup can apply to get $500 in credit even if they aren't working with a partner.

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