<aside> 💡 A Career Framework helps you navigate your career at Learnerbly. This is our first iteration, and changes will be made, evolving and unlocking new levels as we grow.

Career Frameworks explain WHAT is expected from us to perform in our role, whereas our Values describe HOW we’re expected to do it.


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Career Framework Overview

Individual Contributor vs Manager

Capability Definitions

Starting Point Conversations

😎 Role Expertise

Role expertise is the breadth and depth of your role family's technical expertise and knowledge - this is measured through the scope and impact your role has.


Customer Success


Data Analytics



People Experience (HR)

Product Management

Service Operations

UX & Design

🌱 The Learnerbly Career Framework

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Headlines (e.g. execute, apply, adapt etc.) summarises the step change in growth that is needed within each level against each capability.

Individual Contributor


<aside> 💡 Inspired by, and adapted from the work of Learngility, Buffer, and Monzo