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Back to school: Notion is now free for student organizations

By Matt Piccolella

Product, Notion

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School is back in session, and with that comes tons of prep and planning: managing your schedule, getting your assignments done, keeping track of clubs and social plans. And that’s just the start.

For years, Notion has been a tool loved by students to keep all of that (and way more) organized and in line. It shows across our community. Head to our Template Gallery and you’ll find hundreds of templates created by and for students. Visit a college campus to see student groups and campus leaders organizing events that help their peers build better Notion dashboards.

There are millions — yes, millions — of students using Notion every week for education.

One particular group we’re excited about is student organizations. We’ve met with many of these volunteer-led groups, from school newspapers to pre-professional societies, who were looking to integrate Notion into their community but didn’t have the budget. Our old student discount (50% off) made Notion more affordable, but for larger organizations with tens, if not hundreds of members, they couldn’t bring everyone onboard.

That’s why we’re excited to share that, for a limited time, we’re making Notion free for volunteer student organizations.

How does it work? Until October 13, 2023, student organizations at US-based higher education institutions can apply to receive a free Notion Plus plan where you can add all members of your organization, unlocking the full power of collaboration and work in Notion.

To help you get started with your organization, we’re launching this Student Org in-a-Box template that includes everything you need to get your student organization up-and-running whether it’s 5, 50, or 500 people.

Along with this, we’re launching a number of other templates to help you with every part of your education journey, from managing roommate life to your group assignments to your student budget.

We’re also sharing a collection of templates made by Notion Campus Leaders, especially for you! Notion Campus Leaders are passionate students teaching and sharing Notion at universities around the globe! Stay up to date with events happening near you here, and if you’d like a Campus Leader to host a workshop for your org, send us an email at!

Finally, as an added surprise, for all workspaces on our current Education plan, we’ve added 50 additional AI responses to help you find some inspiration from Notion AI.

For more information about this program and how you can apply now, click here.

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