Build your year: university essentials by students, for students

Everything you need for back to school, made by Notion Campus Leaders around the world - from course planning to budgeting, and journaling to club running. Leaving you with more time for learning, connecting, and creating.

1Student Life Garden Dashboard

Organize your student life beautifully with this nature-inspired Notion template. Effortlessly track your classes, assignments, notes, and goals in one central dashboard. From taking notes on fascinating topics to mapping out academic goals, this all-in-one planner empowers you to grow your education.

A template preview for Student Life Garden Dashboard

2My First Task Manager

Tired of your paper todo list? This basic task manager can help you start moving to a more digital and dynamic way of organizing your daily todos!.

A template preview for My First Task Manager

3AI-powered Reading List

This template is designed to help students (and non-students!) better organize their readings, summarize their contents and stay on top of their academic goals. With advanced AI capabilities, this template can highlight important keywords, and even summarize articles for you.

This dashboard allows you to:

- easily create a visually appealing overview of all literature, articles, and other online resources.
- generate summaries for any web resource using Notion AI
- automatically populate keywords, key insights, sources, and authors for each article.
- enhance your workflow by having a centralized system for all your reading materials.
- keep all your important articles and research well-organized and easily accessible.

A template preview for AI-powered Reading List

4Student Home

This template will help you quickly setup your Notion student workspace with your own to-do list that links with your assignments, so you can track the progress you've made with the assignment! This template will help you meet your deadlines!

A template preview for Student Home

5Job Search HQ

It helps individuals keep track of job applications, interviews in one central location, especially for university students who are seeking for an internship or part-time gaining experience.

A template preview for Job Search HQ

6University Class Planning

With several database views and 14 properties, you can track, plan, and organize all your university class possibilities all in one place. With each entry in the classes database being its own powerful Notion page, you have a dedicated home page for each class. Watch out for a new template with a class assignments database connected to the classes database with a relation property... coming soon.

A template preview for University Class Planning

7college budgeting template

if you're looking to start budgeting with Notion as a college student, this is a simple database that can help you categorize your expenses and maintain financial transparency with yourself!

A template preview for college budgeting template

8berry sweet assignment tracker

Looking for an effective method to never miss an assignment deadline again? Do you find checking off items on your to-do list satisfying? Take a few minutes at the beginning of each semester to organize your assignments/exams/projects using chaelin's berry sweet assignment tracker ~~

A template preview for berry sweet assignment tracker

9Campus Club Management

This template showcases how to incorporate custom linked databases and their features to improve a campus club's workflow. Users can switch between database views for their different needs, assign tasks to fellow club members, set event deadlines, and link database entries with larger databases to consolidate event organization documentation, meeting agendas, and more!

A template preview for Campus Club Management

10Crafts n’ Creations Club Organization

Need help with club organization? This is a great quick and easy resource. This is super easy to use for you and your team!

A template preview for Crafts n’ Creations Club Organization

11Minimal journal

A delightful journal that invites you to take a break and unwind.

Jot down the little things that make you smile, reflect on your week, and assemble a photo gallery to look back on. Observe how your days flow on to weeks, months, and how you change alongside them.

Happy reflecting!

A template preview for Minimal journal

12Plant inventory

This tracker allows you to:

- create an overview of all your plants with images
- list purchasing dates & Latin names for each plant
- remind yourself of suitable light conditions
- keep track of the ideal watering frequency
- note down humidity needs
- share it with people who are plant-sitting for you

A template preview for Plant inventory

13University Dashboard

This dashboard integrates courses, jobs, clubs, applications, and personal tasks into one workspace! Features include application trackers, course logs, weekly to-do lists, and calendar databases – all working together to make a student’s life easier.

Uniquely, the inline calendar offers student-optimized category options and automatic check-off filters. In other words, you’ll be able to see which class or club each task is for, and checking one off will clear it from your view. With these streamlined databases and a primary weekly to-do list to fill in all your daily duties, this template is an essential tool for the involved student.

A template preview for University Dashboard

14The Task Takedown

Conquer large tasks with ease using "The Task Takedown Notion Template: Breaking Down Large Tasks." This powerful template helps you break overwhelming projects into manageable chunks. It automates the delivery of tasks periodically, provides a centralized hub, and ensures efficient learning. Say goodbye to stress and hello to productivity! Automated delivery of three tasks per day (customisable) for efficient learning

A template preview for The Task Takedown

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