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Contents: Domains (*EU, NA-East, NA-West, OCE*): Influence, Register, Enlist ...see also S:A: Kiosque

A token of appreciation to those noble souls who decided to support the game early and involve themselves and their companionships in the tumultuous Dance of Dynasties. The page features an incomplete list of domains of influence (20k IP and above) accross the four initial servers, with links to their forum thread and discord server when available.

Some additionnal entries from famous members of the CoE: Community: moderators, ambassadors, experts, artists and people featured in the CoE: Newslinger, spotlighted by the CoE: Dev team or as our simple thanks for their involvement and creativity.


Furthermore, please note that the last IP tally originates from the "Kingdom and Duchy master list" made initially by Emery (& co) starting January 2017, until before or near when the official influence chart went officially dark.

The lists are more obsolete than inaccurate on that topic (barring census mistakes, can't have less than stated), plus the listings indeed correctly show that a royal, ducal or grand county will take precedence in the pick order over a "normal" Count (at least for their first territories).

  Official kingdoms pre-launch, forever part of elyrian History.

Official kingdoms pre-launch, forever part of elyrian History.

Per server

Group views of some influent domains/organisations with their recruitment and contact infos, sorted by affiliated kingdom/duchy (if you wonder, kingdoms are in order of last known influence). To fold/unfold a particular server, simply click/touch the toggle arrow sign.

Domains of influence

Latest additions: October 2, 2018 (every fortnight or so)


The following tab view shows those noble lands (county and above) in their hypothetic order during Domain Selection, thus you might want to check that embedded data in full screen (original or larger view) then collapse the servers and subgroups you're not interested into (leftmost folding triangles).

For now, you're stuck with my limited data and wandering interest, since there are only and already 300 400+ entries, my advice is to use the filter feature: on "server" and/or "kingdom" for instance, maybe filter on "label" or "affiliation" that contains the letters you just typed.

Skyfall:Archives: Domain selection [CoE] in order of total influence (2017) on the associated account, when either available.

Skyfall:Archives: Domain selection [CoE] in order of total influence (2017) on the associated account, when either available.

Let us know about your major domain


Not a registar (^^), but for domain holders already playing the Dance of Dynasties, we created an indirect and crude register form in order for people to submit/correct some extra information about a domain (or worldwide organisation additionally, though we have them, we don't have a publishable view): expect to be asked about your presentation thread, discord, blason, main settlement, leading dynasties, supported languages... then anticipated location, tribe or focus if any.

At first, only Gossip from verified accounts of their spokespersons (at the 9th rank and above) will be taken into consideration, since data space is initially limited (and things could become even more time-consuming), priority will go to those providing the link to their up-to-date official forum thread before showing up in our forthnightly updates.

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