Increase project efficiency with Notion’s time management tools

Gantt charts, project baselines, and to-do lists can all help you better manage your time to maximize productivity.

Image illustrating time management.

Strengthen your time management skills by visualizing your tasks

It’s tough to get things done on time when you don’t know what to prioritize. By organizing all your to-do's in one place you can easily see what needs your attention first and understand how long each task will take. From there you can plan your schedule around getting the most important tasks done first, and on time.

It’s tough to get things done on time when you don’t know what to prioritize.

Notion’s task planning features put everything you need to do in one connected workspace, so you can:

  • Change the view of your to-do list from Timeline to Calendar or Kanban board

  • Sort your tasks by priority, due date, or project

  • Monitor your progress toward deadlines and goals

Sort tasks by priority, due date, or project.

How to improve time management using Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Select a template for organizing your to-dos. 

  3. Add needed properties for each task or event, like deadlines, related deliverables, and assigned team members.

  4. Use whatever database view helps you best visualize your time, whether that’s a Timeline or a Board.

  5. Share your new schedule with your team.

Use Notion to improve your time management skills

Manage your time and meet project deadlines with greater efficiency with a centralized Notion database.


What is time management?

Time management is the process of consciously planning how to use a set amount of time to accomplish specific activities. It means setting yourself up for success by recognizing how long any given task will take and organizing your schedule to allow enough time to complete it.

Why are time management skills important?

Top-notch time management skills increase productivity and efficiency and ensure that no team members miss deadlines or fail to deliver. Optimizing your time means working smarter, not harder, to ensure that everything is done well and on schedule.

How can I improve my time management skills?

To improve your skills, you can use platforms like Notion to help you organize and prioritize your deadlines. Some excellent organizational methods that you can create and execute in Notion include Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and to-do lists. Seeing everything in one connected workspace makes time management easier, boosts productivity, and helps you identify and mitigate potential roadblocks.